Expert assistance and mentoring with your system administrator and reduce the need for additional staff.  Provides certified resources to perform all your daily system administration and monthly maintenance.

Administration Services

  • Free up your resources and enable us to do what we do best
  • Our program is an operational expense
  • Our experience has taught us best practice process and application design

An ITSM Cloud Services Company

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  • Increasing pressure to reduce capital expenditure

Extend beyond the ordinary “operate & maintain” approach used by other vendors.  NimbusNow provides Clients with the guidance, tools and techniques necessary to maximize your system benefits.

  • We get things done fast because we are experts in the solutions we support
  • Poor adoption of applications and end user satisfaction

Within our Managed Service Program you benefit from 3 unique areas of service every month: Administrative Services , Consultative Services, and Meticulous Support - all for one low monthly fee.

The Benefits

Meticulous Support

Helping You Maximize Productivity, Reduce Risk And Accelerate Time-To-Value

​​We view ourselves as an extension of your business. Our Application Managed Services ensure you benefit from the most cost-effective service delivery, releasing IT budget to be spent on new development and business innovation. With certifications in BMC Remedyforce, and the Salesforce Platform, NimbusNow has the expertise and experience to monitor, manage, and maintain your applications ensuring that they are available and ready to be utilized at their maximum effectiveness.

By reducing costs and introducing operation efficiencies, NimbusNow’s MSP offerings can help you transform your IT organization, allowing you to focus on new projects.

  • Our program provides lower overall application costs year over year

Current Challenges

Consultative Services

We Stand Out From The Crowd In Several Ways

  • Increasing application operations costs

​ Avoid basic troubleshooting and experience reduced downtime, quicker repair times and higher first time fix rates, enabling your IT resources to focus on strategic mission-critical business activities.

  • Need to focus more on the core capabilities and strategic IT spending

  • Responding faster to changing business needs