BMC Certification Classes

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Custom Administrator Classes

When it comes to corporate training that makes an instant, lasting, and positive impact, our Train-the-Trainer program takes the prize. Typically delivered as a 3- or 4-day session, we come onsite to work directly with your trainers.

NimbusNow provides web based training targeted at specific administration functions or application process training, whether for your administrator or end users, delivered in scheduled one hour time blocks.

NimbusNow is an authorized reseller for all of the BMC Software certification courses and Learning Pass Credits.

1-hour Web Based Administrator Training 

Give your team the knowledge and skills they need to meet your business goals – with a full suite of training courses designed to help you maximize the power of your BMC solutions.  NimbusNow can help you develop a comprehensive training program to empower administrators and end users with both live and online courses.

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Courses are available as standard Out-of-the-Box (OOB) courses or as a customized course. Customized courses provide the demonstrations and simulations recorded on the clients’ system showing the client’s screens, menus and data. 

While BMC and Salesforce applications are extremely intuitive, end user training is still necessary to ensure successful adoption that translates into a successful project.

  • Custom and Out-of-the-Box Classes

We work with you to determine and target key concepts from any BMC or Salesforce solution to design the right material to meet your exact needs.   The result is a high impact, streamlined learning curve while maximizing time and costs.

Custom Education That Deliver Outstanding Business Results

Train the Trainer

World Class e-Learning Solutions For BMC Software, Salesforce, and Cloud Coach PPM 

Why NimbusNow Training

An IT Cloud Services Company

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End User Training

Providing Flexible e-Learning Programs Designed To Match Your Role, Skill Level, Learning Style, and Schedule