• ‘Agile Boards’ with drag-and-drop updates

Whether you prefer working with a Gantt style timeline or a Kanban board, Cloud Coach allows you to work with your project in multiple ways. And if you have trouble making your mind up, changing between views is as simple as clicking a button.

Cloud Coach Project Management  

  • Next generation ‘Gantt Charts’ with critical path and baseline snapshots
  • Budget your project spend by month, cost area, and CAPEX v OPEX

Visualize your projects critical path

  • Visibility for your key stakeholders
  • Real time updates as your project progresses

Cloud Coach provides enterprise productivity software your team can utilize to simplify everyday tasks, increasing productivity and allowing your business to grow by giving them the time to concentrate on core aspects of the business.   Cloud Coach is the only enterprise wide project delivery suite that is 100% native on “Force.com”.

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​​Simplify Everyday Tasks, Increasing Productivity And Allowing Your Business To Grow

Whether you are delivering your project to external clients or to internal stakeholders, it’s important to know what your critical tasks are, the tasks that should the timelines slip on them then there will be an impact your overall project delivery time-frame. Cloud Coach’s critical path tools give you:

  • Send automated alerts to stakeholders
  • One click access to your critical path

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