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With NimbusNow services you can customize AssetsNOW with your logo, colors, custom fields, or menus.

Uses native Remedyforce permissions and your process out-of-the-box

  • Faster SLA response and resolution time
  • Manage IT inventory disposition and location

Incident Management

  • Bulk create or update asset data

Asset Management

Empower your mobile workforce with the ease and familiarity of their own mobile devices!  Quickly identify, update, and manage barcoded assets.  Make the Move Add Change (MAC) process a snap with the built-in-scanner and Out-of-the-Box IT centric processes.

  • Ready Out-of-the-Box or can be customized

Search, view, and edit Change Records on the fly and increase your repair time and customer satisfaction.

If you can install an app on your smartphone then you can install AssetsNOW.  In less than 5 minutes you can: download the app to your device, log in, scan a asset barcode, and access the details in Remedyforce.  It's that easy!

Change Management

  • Real time updates to the Remedyforce CMDB

A Mobile Barcode Scan Application With No Middleware, Infrastructure Cost, Or Setup Time

AssetsNOW 3.0, A mobile barcode scan app for Remedyforce 

Real time information on incidents related to an asset. Discover a new issue, not a problem, create a new incident instantly.

  • Provide audit trails on all asset movement

On the spot barcode scanning enables the management and tracking of IT assets from their acquisition through management to retirement.

Download the AssetsNOW Datasheet